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Shoes for Children

Soles for Kids is Good for the Soul: Read the March 2014 article from The Elmhurst Independent newspaper, written by Leslie Leader.

Kiwanis International has recognized “Soles for Africa” as one of its most significant charitable service projects and honored the participants at the 2013 World Wide Convention in Vancouver, Canada. Kiwanis featured Soles in its magazine story Footing the Cause.

What We Do:

We collect used, not abused, shoes and soccer balls to distribute to children worldwide - Africa, Haiti, Dominican Republic and the United States. View our gallery of previous shipments to South Dakota, Botswana, and Tanzania.


From Rich Rosenberg, Chairman:

November 2015:  And so this amazing story continues.

We have set a new personal record for our foundation by shipping well over 4,500 shoes to Tanzania, Africa, this month!  Children who go barefoot cannot attend school; that is a rule in Tanzania. This shipment alone will give every child in our village two used, very usable pairs of school shoes, and some young university level students in Arusha the necessary leather shoes they need to attend advanced classes.

Just look at the photos below and visualize the importance of this current combined shipment: Desks and school supplies, tons of oatmeal for nourishing breakfasts, new and used books in English to help with language skills and of course our stuff:  shoes by the ton, hundreds of tennis balls, dozens of soccer balls and new donated tee shirts...all always free to children who have a tremendous desire to learn and live productive and happy lives.

I am proud of all our many volunteers who help ready these shoes for shipment, all the generous donors who dig through closets finding treasures, and to the O’Brien school who does so much in Africa to educate children and uplift lives.

Keeping good shoes on needy feet is our passion...keeping them out of landfills is also a very significant benefit to our environment.

Rich Rosenberg   Chairman   Soles for Kids......Soles for Africa

Packing up for November Shipping:

desks rich and soccer balls

oatmeal container

So it's up to all of us. Simply collect children's shoes that no longer fit
or are out of fashion, but still have lots of life, and get them to our collection site at 535 Spring Road in Elmhurst...we 'll do all the rest.

Making a difference in the life of a child has never been simpler.

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Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Sioux Nation, South Dakota: South Dakota