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Shoes for Children

Dec, 2014 update: We have now shipped 19,500 shoes to deserving children and families since Soles for Kids was founded in 2008! Thank you for your shoes and support!

Soles for Kids is Good for the Soul: Read the March 2014 article from The Elmhurst Independent newspaper, written by Leslie Leader.

Kiwanis International has recognized “Soles for Africa” as one of its most significant charitable service projects and honored the participants at the 2013 World Wide Convention in Vancouver, Canada. Kiwanis featured Soles in its magazine story Footing the Cause.

What We Do:

We collect used, not abused, shoes and soccer balls to distribute to children worldwide - Africa, Haiti, Dominican Republic and the United States. We've also ship shoes to South Dakota. View our gallery of previous shipments to South Dakota, Botswana, and Tanzania.

Tanzania, Spring 2014

So our scholars have been in school for 10 weeks and so I did a quick round robin visit to make sure they were all well.
We also had a fabulous gift from a previous OAT traveler, Rich Rosenberg, for the students. Rich very kindly sends out
nearly new shoes from America to be gifted to worthy recipients. As many of our students have at least one if not 2 parents absent
it was a great opportunity to update their shoes.
Next chance I get to go to Kenya, I will take shoes for all our Kenyan scholars.

See you on the road.

Tanzania, March 2014

Africa: The ship arrives. Late last year back in the US, we loaded an ocean-going container full of school supplies, a play ground, and lots of shoes and now soccer balls. They arrived in March (beginning of winter in Tanzania).
The school distributes by need - first to those who have the longest to walk to school, then to those who have waited the longest time while some are held out as rewards for good grades and attendance (which really works well).

The soccer balls are kept at the school but loaned out free to children in the school/village.  When we last visited Arusha in Tanzania a few years ago, only rolled-up and tied banana leafs were available.  It’s hard to express the joy and excitement of a real ball...please keep them coming. More the unloading and distribution continues.
    Rich R.

From Rich Rosenberg, Chairman:

Amazing, just amazing how all this works....Students and community members continue their projects of collecting usable shoes for distribution onto a new pair of feet somewhere in the world (at no cost), instead of into a landfill.

Having shipped over 19,500 pairs of great shoes around the world we are discovering that this mission has an opportunity to also serve in the USA and Canada....children everywhere could use a little tenderness. It’s a really big neighborhood we live in, let’s tend it together.

We are shipping hundreds to orphanages in Haiti and Dominican Republic along with hundreds of discarded but useable soccer balls.

So it's up to all of us. Simply collect children's shoes that no longer fit or are out of fashion, but still have lots of life, and get them to our collection site at 535 Spring Road in Elmhurst...we 'll do all the rest.

Making a difference in the life of a child has never been simpler.

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